Мы гарантируем, что независимо от сложности вашего маршрута, ваш менеджер сделает все возможное, чтобы организовать ваш перелет в совершенном виде. Самое главное, что вы будете поддерживать связь с одним личным консультантом на протяжении всего планирования.

Ваш чартер-менеджер приложит все знания и усилия, чтобы организовать ваше путешествие, будь то короткий перелет по Европе, трансатлантический чартер или же сложный кругосветный рейс, с учетом необходимого вам маршрута, бюджета, времени и особых предпочтений. Имея доступ к флоту из более 5000 частных самолетов, мы используем специализированные технологии и системы, наряду с особым подходом к обслуживанию клиентов, что позволяет нам гарантировать не имеющий аналогов сервис.

Мы гордимся своей репутацией и делаем все возможное, чтобы каждый перелет вам запомнился. Если вы планируете празднование юбилея, хотите организовать что-нибудь особенное для вашей семьи, получить первоклассный сервис и блюда из лучших ресторанов Мишлен на борту – просто дайте нам знать, мы воплотим в жизнь ваши желания. Как великие мастера своего дела, мы изучаем, оцениваем и подбираем каждую мельчайшую деталь, чтобы ваш перелет был идеально организован и безупречно исполнен.


With a career spanning over three decades in the service industry - the past twenty of those being within private aviation - Chris worked from the bottom up, learning and excelling at his craft before founding 365 Aviation in 2011.


Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, passion and commitment, Chris also draws on the service industry where he began, aiming to create a private aviation company where outstanding service is paramount, no detail too small, where comfort, style and competitive pricing are key which is reflected in its success.

Крис Тофтс

Chief Executive Officer

Colin Baker ended a seventeen years career in the finance industry trading Equity Derivatives to focus on his entrepreneurial passions. He has set-up, managed or invested in businesses as varied as Luxury Property Developments, Private Jet Charter, Pan-Asian Budget Hotels and E-Commerce start-ups. Colin is a British National currently residing in Hong Kong.

Colin Baker

Саймон Гибсон

Simon has been immersed in the luxury sector for the majority of his professional career. Having spent the last ten years within the superyacht industry, Simon is enjoying applying his extensive expertise and knowledge to the world of aviation.

Absolutely dedicated to providing impeccable service to his clients, Simon believes every successful business has its roots in the relationship that it builds with each and every client. Possessing a strong work ethic, an eye for detail and a tenacious can-do attitude, together with a total understanding of the trends in the ever-changing luxury market, he is well placed with 365 Aviation, the No 1 go-to charter choice

Рики Чохан

Business Development Manager

Ricky started his career working as a Cargo Aircraft Broker for a well-established firm before moving to Germany to work for a large Private Jet Operator.

Starting to fly at 17, Ricky is also a fully trained Pilot, which together with his knowledge of Air Charter & Operations, allows him to be intricate & clear when providing clients with aircraft & airport recommendations.

Being involved in the Aviation industry from a very young age, Ricky is a ‘people’s person’, which alongside his experience in the industry, provides our clients with the calm & professional service they desire.

Ricky Chauhan

Мэтт Уильямс

Kristina Jacobs joins 365 Aviation as Charter Manager in their UK office. Having been in the private aviation Industry for the last nine plus years, Kristina has worked with a variety of aviation charter companies, gaining considerable experience and industry knowledge along the way. As a result she has many great contacts and has worked with a multitude of clients worldwide.

Kristina is committed to providing the very best in customer service to her clients and is a firm believer in the 365 Aviation ethos of unrivalled, bespoke and personal customer service. Kristina has a huge passion for travel and is very eager to learn more and more about different countries, she has visited over 25+ countries to date and the list is still growing.

Полина Попкова

Charter Manager

Having been established in the industry for over 10 years Matt has widespread experience of consistently delivering successful solutions to his clients in competitive markets all over the world. An extensive knowledge of the Private Jet Charter market and a strong passion for Aviation enables Matt to provide a dedicated and bespoke service to all of his clients, ensuring all schedules are met in the most effective and personalised manner.

Matt Williams

Charter Manager

Polina brings a very strong client-centric work ethic to 365 Aviation and is consistently recognised for delivering exceptional client service, continually going above and beyond to manage the most complicated itineraries flawlessly

Originally from Russia, she speaks three languages fluently: English, Russian and Spanish. These, coupled with her client-focused attitude, allow her to deliver a warm, personal and engaging service to our global client base.

Polina Popkova

Charter Broker